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Protective Case

Protective Case

SKU: ProtectiveCase

Protective case that fits all HiDow models


Fit all HiDow models into this protective case! Features a belt slot and a lanyard for portability.
Dimensions: 5 1/2' long 3 1/2′ wide, 2′ deep


    Built with anti-vibration, HiDow’s Protective Case is the perfect cushion for your TENS/EMS units. It’s the ideal solution for securing your most precious pain management solution. Sleek, portable, and stylish in design, the Protective Case is made with high-quality materials to support even the toughest blows. Easy to use with zippers for closure, and it features a belt slot and lanyard for convenience.

    HiDow continues to pursue its effort in muscle recovery as people all over the globe have seen the best alternative to aches and pains. Now, TENS/EMS units are available in the market without the need for a doctor’s prescription. With its safe, electrical pulses, pain signals are interrupted from reaching the brain. In turn, natural painkillers called endorphins are produced.

    Using a HiDow product is important as you begin your journey in a controlled pain management solution. Athletes and everyday people alike have reaped the benefits of a TENS/EMS unit as they address their issues. Still, you don’t have to deal with muscle problems to enjoy our products. Use it for relaxation as they’re similar to a massage.

    Use our specially-made Protective Case today to ensure your TENS/EMS units are secure!

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