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Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap

SKU: NeckWrap

FOR NECK STIMULATION – Provides pain relief, support and protection for the neck.

Color: BLACK

    The HiDow Neck Wrap is conductive neck gear designed to relieve muscle pain. Made from lightweight, comfortable neoprene, this dual conductive pad delivers low-voltage pulses as an alternative to conventional stick-on electrodes. The Neck Wrap is tailored to provide full, uniform coverage around the cervical spine. Features an adjustable Velcro patch for comfortable and secure placement around the user’s neck. It’s easy to use! Simply attach your electrode wires and connect with your HiDow device.

    Package Includes:

    1 Neck Wrap | 1 Conductor Spray | 1 Information Card for Conductor Spray

    Directions for Use:
    1. Connect the Electrode Wire to the Neck Wrap.
    2. Adjust the straps according to your comfort, and wear around the neck.
    3. Insert the plus of the electrode wire into the output of the device.
    4. Adjust intensity.

    Please Note:
    Always apply a few drops of Perfect Conductor or water to the conductive rubber surface of the wrap (located on the opposite side from the snaps). This will improve conductivity and make the sensations smoother and stronger.

    No latex used in this product.

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