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SKU: AcuGloves

The HiDow Therapeutic Gloves have woven conductive fibers for entire hand and wrist stimulation.

Designed to be used with all HiDow machines, they provide pain relief from acute and chronic hand and wrist ailments.

They also help increase blood circulation and provide muscle stimulation.

These one-size fits all gloves are lightweight and comfortable and have a unique stretchable material.

They have a large conductivity area, providing even current distribution, compression, support and improved mobility.


    HiDow’s AcuGloves are designed with woven conductive fibers to bring comfort for the entire wrist and hand stimulation. Engineered to compatibility for HiDow’s TENS/EMS devices, they offer pain relief from acute to chronic wrist and hand aches.

    They assist in optimizing muscle stimulation and blood circulation. The AcuGloves are one-size fits all gloves that are comfortable and lightweight with incredible stretchable elements.

    Because of their great conductivity, it provides an even compression, distribution, improved mobility, and support.

    Begin supporting your sore and stiff muscles, joints and tendons with the AcuGloves. It provides compression designed to relieve those with arthritis as it gives you night and day comfort. Those who commonly use the AcuGloves often have sore joints, tendons, muscles, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, and/or Arthritis. But you don’t need to have these ailments to receive the wonderful benefits it can give you. The AcuGloves are created with comfortable fabric that allows you to retain your range of motion. Continue to strengthen your hand and wrist muscles using both the AcuGloves and your HiDow device for optimal results!

    Using this product is very simple. Simply attach the cords to your gloves and wear them. After that, set your HiDow device to your preferred setting and relax!

    When you’re looking for instant relief in a non-invasive manner, you can find it in all our HiDow products! Finally, a glove with a breathable and comfortable design that won’t make you feel uneasy all day.

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