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AC Adaptor

AC Adaptor

SKU: ACAdaptor

Never get stuck without a charger again.

Suitable for all HiDow TENS units the AC Adapter can be a replacement or a handy spare – so you’re never left with a flat battery. Can also be used with most mobile phones!

Handy replacement or spare AC Adaptor for use with all HiDow products. Please select the adaptor type for your unit.

Color: BLACK

    When you want the right adapter for your HiDow device, trust the one that’s carefully designed to with them. It’s suitable for all HiDow devices, so you’ll never run out of batteries when you have a replacement for the old ones!

    Why Choose HiDow?
    When something’s wrong, the body sends pain signals for you to pay heed. Whether the pain is sudden or persistent, it’s best to react fast. Of course, if left untreated, you’re risking the development of chronic pain.

    With years of innovation behind the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, HiDow is a personalized pain management that combines pain relief and muscle recovery.

    All models are compact, portable, and rechargeable that interrupts pain signals to the brain thereby stimulating the muscles through gentle electrical charges. With regular usage, HiDow can eliminate aches that range from acute to chronic without the use of medication. Say goodbye to side effect as this alternative works with wonders.

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